I hope you had a great weekend.

Please see below the ways to contact Just4keepers, if you need to get in contact re any order you have placed on www.j4ksports.co.uk

Because J4k is in 30 plus countries, there is obviously A LOT of information about Just4keepers online, and we do have many websites covering the globe, and some of these websites are ran by J4K partners. Recently, some J4K members have been trying to contact me, and or the J4K team, but using the wrong email address, and so, it is hit or miss if we get these emails.

So I am trying to make it as straight forward as I can for the J4K community to get in touch with me and my team.

So please see below the THREE ways to get in contact.


Email: Please goto https://j4ksports.co.uk/contact and complete the form

Instant Chat: Please use instant chat to speak to the J4K team direct.


Direct Message: Please send text or whats app message to the mobile number on home page of www.j4ksports.co.uk. (Please Note: The mobile number is for messaging only)



If you are contacting J4K over an order, please always quote your order number.

Also, some of you may have noticed some people have been making comments on our posts stating myself and the J4K team are ignoring them.

This is obviously total nonsense. Like any company, we are not perfect and we do slip up from time to time, because we are all only human, but to state we deliberately ignore the J4K community is simply not true.

First of all, most of you know already like you have stated, this is probably just competition trying to discredit J4K, and we find 99.% of these comments are not from customers, like they state but are from total strangers.

But I am hoping what I have set up here how the J4K community can contact us even further, we will be better able to assist and help you even more!!!

  • Jul 15, 2019
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